New Caballero



  • Language : French
  • Children Books : Teen/YA
  • Author : Lenia Major
  • ISBN : 9786144431245
  • Year : 2017

Genaro Reyes is a student who falls in with the wrong crowd.  He goes on a drinking binge with his "friends" and ends up in a coma.  When he wakes up, his parents send Genaro to Spain to stay with his mother's cousin.  Pepito owns a shelter and rehab center for greyhounds. Genaro is thrust into an unknown world of the suffering and cruelty inflicted on racing greyhounds, but he learns the true meaning of friendship, takes up the cause, and meets Lucy the passionate, and beautiful volunteer.

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Book Details

Title Caballero
Language French
ISBN 9786144431245
Native Title Caballero : roman
Binding Paperback
Edition 1st Edition
Pages 461
Theme Human-animal relationships
Size 21 cm
Publisher Samir Editeur
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