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  • Language:  Somali
    Subject:  Family
    Author:  Fawsia Yussuf

    The author uses Somali poetry and literature to explain how to be a good mother and the "art" of feeding, nurturing and raising children.  Plus, both known and lesser known poems and poets are used to strengthen the importance of mothers for humanity.

  • Language:  Arabic
    Subject:  Family
    Author:  Dr. Fatimah Kattani

    A specialist in psychotherapy for children and adolescents explains the stages of child development and the important role that parents have in raising their children to be secure, loving adults.

  • Language:  Somali
    Subject:  Family, Self-help
    Author:  Hassan Mohamud Dhillood

    Offers tips for parents and childcare institutions for the health and welfare of the child. Topics include breastfeeding; getting your child to sleep; how to calm a crying baby; anger management; what to do when your child breaks the law; effective discipline; and more.

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  • Language:  Somali
    Subject:  Culture, Family
    Author:  Suldaan Nayruus

    Godadle, a Somali word that describes a man with multiple secret wives. This true story is equal parts funny and tragic as it tells the story of one such man who tried to juggle the responsibilities of multiple spouses.  An eye-opening exploration of the far-reaching devastating effects of polygamy.

  • Language:  Arabic
    Subject:  Biography, Family, Literature
    Author:  Elif Shafak

    The profound and thoughtful biography from Turkey's leading female author, Elif Shafak.  After the birth of her first child, Shafak fell into such deep postpartum depression that she stopped writing for the first time in her life.  With the help of Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, and Alice Walker, Shafak learns to balance motherhood and...

  • Language:  Arabic
    Subject:  Family
    Author:  Susan Stiffelman

    Susan Stiffelman is a licensed marriage and family therapist who is regularly featured in print and broadcast media. She also writes a weekly column on parenting for the Huffington Post.  In this valuable book, Stiffelman offers practical advice for parents wishing to develop a soul connection with their children and raise them to...

  • Language:  German
    Subject:  Family, LifeStyle
    Author:  Felicitas von Lovenberg

    When you fall in love over 30 you can be certain your partner has a past -- and children.  Suddenly you're a part-time step-parent.  And what happens to that fragile patchwork structure when you add your own children to the mix? 

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