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  • Language:  Arabic
    Subject:  Travel
    Author:  Ghadeer Abu Sneineh

    A winner of the 2016 Ibn Battuta Prize, this is the story of an extraordinary journey by a not-so-ordinary traveler.  Ghadeer Abu Seneineh, a Palestinian wife and mother of four, has a master's degree in Spanish literature and works as a journalist and translator.  This travelogue details her exploration of Latin America with poet...

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  • Language:  Arabic
    Subject:  Biography, Travel
    Author:  Shireen Adel

    Shireen Adel is a young Egyptian writer with degrees in computer science and business administration.  An avid traveler (more than 15 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East), this is her second book.  In Hostel she recounts her adventures backpacking through Europe as a young Arab woman.  Cultures, languages, and faiths...

  • Language:  German
    Subject:  Biography, Travel
    Author:  Tara Stella Deetjen

    The inspiring true story of a young German backpacker who has a life-changing experience with an "untouchable" -- a leper in India.  This contact ignites her passion and so begins her courageous struggle for the rights and dignity of untouchables and their families.

  • Language:  Arabic
    Subject:  History
    Author:  Najm Wali

    The author paints a rich portrait of Baghdad since it was founded in 762 until its destruction at the hands of the Mongols.  Includes a contemporary comparison of Eastern and Western ideas and perceptions of this great city.  By acclaimed and exiled Iraqi author, Najm Wali.

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