The carpenter's sister


  • Language : Hebrew
  • Subject : Novels
  • Author : Mira Magen
  • ISBN : 9789655660197
  • Year : 2015

A gripping female version of the biblical Book of Job, modern, daring, and clever. Here too fate behaves in an arbitrary manner, but powerful forces rise up against it--forces of kindness and friendship, of vitality and love. 

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Book Details

Title The carpenter's sister
Language Hebrew
Subject Novels
ISBN 9789655660197
Native Title אחותו של הנגר
Binding Paperback
Pages 319 pages
Native Author Name מירה מגן
Publisher Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, Dvir-Publishing House

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Nava’s life is in ruins after she loses her husband and their little boy in an accident. Age 39, she rejects life, moves into a seniors’ living facility among people twice her age, gives up her job as an interior designer and becomes a cashier in a supermarket. But reality knocks on her door and transforms her choices: No matter how hard she tries to close out the world, people are drawn to her and she seems to have a magical effect on their lives. Men are attracted and arouse her desires, a conflicted colleague relies on her, her neighbors in the old folks’ home want to be close to her, children love to be with her, and her carpenter brother Hanan, who is happy in his marriage and work, strives to get her back into the cycle of life. (ITHL)


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